Publisher's Weekly gave LUTHER'S HALLOWEEN a starred review!

luther last

 "Nobody messes with a dinosaur," crows this wishful and humorous bodyguard fantasy in which a
lime-green triceratops vanquishes a bully. Luther, a dinosaur disguised as a pirate, acts frightenedof his
human pal's werewolf costume. But when a bratty kid steals trick-or-treat bags,
Luther reveals is true identity and reclaims the booty.

Meister (Busy, Busy City Street ) implies that Luther isn't aggressive, just fair-minded. Petrone
(Plumply, Dumply Pumpkin )layers cool blues and lavenders over a terracotta base, and her palette
takes the edge off the frightening scenes. Her big brushstrokes show Luther's formidable size and
gently rounded features. This reptilian do-gooder would be welcome on any playground."


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