Illustrated by Amy Young 

ISBN 9780670059171 | 32 pages | 23 Jun 2005 | Viking Children's | 6.33 x 9.25in | 5 - 8 years



 my pony_finalist

Description: Meet Jack! Taking care of a pony is fun, but it’s a lot of work, too. Readers can follow along as Lacy grooms her pony, Jack—from brushing his coat and tail to cleaning his hooves. This simple story with irresistible illustrations showing lots of visual clues is perfect for children just learning to read on their own. A picture glossary of terms is included.



my pony_finalist

Review from BOOKLIST: Horse-mad kids who are just starting to tackle sentences on their own will pore over this Viking Easy-to-Read story about Lacy and her pony, Jack. In rhyming couplets, just a few words per sentence, Lacy describes how she prepares Jack for a rest in the barn after a day of riding. Aspiring young equestrians will appreciate the information about basic horse grooming: "I curry in circles. That is the best way / to get out the dirt / Jack plays in all day." And they'll like the simple horse-care vocabulary--halterlead rope--defined and matched with corresponding images in an appended glossary. Uncluttered, brightly colored paintings of Lacy's tasks reinforce the meaning in the words,
as well as the strong 
affection between girl and horse. 


my pony_finalist

Activities/Teachers Guide: Coming soon!


•   PONY WORDS   •

 comb final  

COMB: a wide-toothed grooming tool used for a pony's mane and tail.

 curry comb_final  

CURRY COMB: a rubber grooming tool with rows of knobs used to remove dirt from a pony's coat.

 curry brush_final  

FACE BRUSH: an extra-soft brush made from goat hair used just for a pony's face.

 halter final  

HALTER: a headpiece that a rope can be attached to in order to tie or lead a pony.

 hay final  

HAY: grass that has been cut and dried to be used for a pony's food.

 hoof pick  

HOOF PICK: a metal tool used to take stones and dirt from a pony's foot.

 final rope

LEAD ROPE: a rope with a metal clip that attaches to a halter, used to lead a pony.