MPJ riding

 Illustrated by Amy Young 

ISBN 9780670059171 | 32 pages | 22 Sept 2005 | Viking Children's | 6.33 x 9.25in | 5 - 8 years



 my pony_finalist

Description: It’s lesson-time for Lacy and her lovable pony, Jack. They practice their posting trot, the bumpy sitting trot, and Lacy’s favorite—the canter. This story captures the charming connection between a girl and her pony. 


my pony_finalist

Review from BOOKLIST: “In this simple sequel to My Pony Jack, Lacy saddles up her pony, leads him into the ring, and participates in a riding class. Trainer Annie calls out commands as the ponies walk, trot, and canter, and the riders keep their heels down and their heads up. In a lighter moment, Jack trots through a puddle, splashing Annie. At the end of the lesson, the riders cool down their ponies, feed them, and brush them. The book ends with a glossary of terms such as bit ringpost, and tack. Brightened with fall colors, Young's pleasing paintings mirror the simplicity and buoyant tone of the text, which uses short words in brief rhyming phrases. From the publisher's Easy-to-Read series, this is a good addition to the small collection
of horse and pony stories that are accessible to younger children.”

my pony_finalist

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