tiny bath

Illustrated by Rich Davis 

 ISBN 9780141302676 | 32 pages | 01 Feb 1999 | Puffin | 6.02 x 9.01in | 5 - 8 years




 final paw

Description: Tiny is a very large dog. He needs a bath, but the sink is too small. Even the bathtub is too small. The pool is just the right size for Tiny. But it's not easy for a little boy to wash a dog who is bigger than he is! Not since Clifford has a big dog been so appealing. Young readers will love Tiny's antics in this sweet, funny story.


final paw

Review from Kirkus: “In this Easy-to-Read entry is a dog large enough to chase Clifford the big red dog right out of town. Tiny is a dog who is the exact opposite of what his name implies. When he gets dirty, his owner (a small boy) has to search to find a receptacle big enough to scrub him down. A pail, the sink, and even the bathtub are dwarfed by the presence of this giant hound; only the little boy's wading pool will do. The child gets Tiny washed, only to be dirtied himself when his pooch discovers a new mud puddle to play in. Both boy and dog come clean in the end. Davis's playful illustrations romp alongside the beginning reader text, using an easy, loping giganticism to portray this big pet's appeal.”

final paw

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