tiny tiny

Illustrated by Rich Davis 

 ISBN 9780141304199 | 32 pages | 13 Sep 1999 | Puffin | 5.98 x 9.01in | 3 - 8 years




 final paw

Description: When Tiny was a tiny puppy, he fit in a shoe. Then he grew…a lot! Now Tiny is a really big dog.
But he can still run fast and do fun tricks with his friend.


final paw

Review from SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL: “Meister records the continuing adventures of the misnamed Tiny, and the results will captivate new readers. The narrator, Tiny's owner, chronicles the development of his beloved pet, comparing the period when Tiny was a relatively small puppy to his current massive, fully grown state. Many humorous details emerge as Tiny masters new skills, including running fast and learning tricks. Meister's compact sentences and the manageable vocabulary ease the transition to reading alone; the recurrence of key words aids in recognition and builds confidence, while the antics of Tiny will keep interest at a peak. Davis's brightly colored, ebullient illustrations, with their comic-book energy,
expertly convey the camaraderie between owner and dog.”

final paw

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