Make a Book Display

In your library or classroom, set up a display of Cari’s books.  Have students read and vote for their favorite book.
Post a paper blue ribbon of the book deemed ‘best’ by students.


Create your own TINY or JACK or MONSTER story

Have your students come up with their own TINY or JACK or MONSTER stories.  


Draw a Movie Poster

If TINY or JACK or one of the MONSTERS was going to be in a movie, what would the movie poster look like?


Build a ?

In SKINNY & FATS: BEST FRIENDS, the friends build a rocket using things found around the house.
What could you make with everyday objects found in your classroom.  Draw or make it.


Paint or Draw a Mural

 Have students pick their favorite scenes from Cari’s books to create a class mural.


Make Skinny & Fats Marshmallow pie

 A no cook recipe found in the back of the's easy...YUM!   YUM!


Prepare an Author Interview

 Have students come up with questions to ask Cari when she comes to visit! Proide a special 'hat' or 'chair' or

pretend 'microphone' for the person asking the questions to wear/use.


Fun with Opposites

Tiny is a BIG dog. . .but his name is TINY.  Have your class think of names for other animals using adjectives

that describe the OPPOSITE of a particular creature’s traits.




Research the animals

Using the computer, or your library, research different breeds of horses of dogs. Find the biggest dog.

Find the smallest dog. How long do ponies live? You make the questions.

Go to
This publisher has fun printables and information for Cari's MEET THE MONSTERS series and OCEAN TALES series.

There are also some fun science ativities under BUZZ BEAKER. Cari writes the easy-to-read books for this character, not the

higher reading level books about the same character (featured on the website), but the activities are fun!

Compare Myths

Find other illustrated myth books that retell the same myths as Cari's books. Compare and contrast them.
Which ones are most successful? Why? Ask your students: If you were retelling this myth,
where would you choose to START the story? Why? What scenes would you choose to illustrate? Why?